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Re: Frontpage and Debian (SOLVED!)


On 09-Apr-97 Michael Alan Dorman wrote:
>Dale Scheetz <dwarf@polaris.net> writes:
>> You are confusing ld.so with gcc. The compiler/linker doesn't search
>> /usr/local, you would need to direct it to look there. What you need to
>> put into /usr/local/lib is the shared libraries used by ld.so during
>> program loading. This path is on the list of paths checked by ld.so and
>> will result in the correct library being "available" to the program that
>> needs it.

Mike is right.  The only paths searched BY DEFAULT by ld.so are /lib and
/usr/lib.  The others are added in the /etc/ld.so.conf file.

>Dale, I'm afraid that you are the one who is confused.  That entire
>paragraph is incorrect.
>First, ld _does_ search /usr/local by default.  This is easy to
>test, but it's also easy to check other ways:
>$ strings /usr/bin/ld | egrep /usr/local/lib
>SEARCH_DIR(/lib); SEARCH_DIR(/usr/lib); SEARCH_DIR(/usr/local/lib);
>SEARCH_DIR(/lib); SEARCH_DIR(/usr/lib); SEARCH_DIR(/usr/local/lib);
>SEARCH_DIR(/lib); SEARCH_DIR(/usr/lib); SEARCH_DIR(/usr/local/lib);
>Second, your analysis of ld.so's behavior is wrong.  The fact is, the
>two versions of libg++ have the same soname.  Thus ld.so cannot, for
>all intents and purposes, distinguish between them.  So only one of
>these will be visible through ld.so, and it's going to be the same one
>for all programs, and it's inevitably going to be the wrong version
>for one of those programs
>If you doubt this, please experiment with the procedure you suggest.
>Try putting an alternate version of libg++ in /usr/local/lib, run
>ldconfig, then run ldconfig -p.  You will find only one listing for
>libg++---I don't think it's documented _which_ one will show up, but
>it'll only be one.
>Adam, trust me, I went through this three months ago, I got involved
>in some significant discussion on rtr's forum, and the best possible
>solution, the one that rtr itself recommends, is the one I described
>above.  Put the special libraries in a special place, and let apache
>know about it using SetEnv.  This is the only thing that will keep all
>of your programs happy, which means it's the only way that you're not
>going to end up pulling your hair out down the road.
Have a good one.

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