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Re: Homer has the ppp blues :-(

On Wed, 16 Apr 1997, Rick wrote:

> You might want to play with DTR/DCD settings.  I haven't had a problem
> like this before but it sounds like the modem is dropping DTR which, if I
> remember correctly, instructs the software that the data terminal is
> ready.  I believe there is a modem command that sets DTR on permanently.
> Or maybe the Data Carrier Detect is dropping.  But I'm pretty sure that
> would cause the modem to really hang up.  It's been a while since I've
> messed with modem settings.  Look in your modem manual for a setting that
> is used for informing the software of the modems status.
> AT&C1&D2 is the init string that used to be the fix all for me.  It sets
> the DTR/DCD to the correct setting for data, such as ppp or bbsing.  A few
> years ago manufacturers started to set factory defaults toward faxing
> which conflicts with data.  AT&C1&D2 fixes this.  Try it and see.  Give
> you a starting point to add compression and error correction etc...

Unfortunately my modem didn't come with a manual telling me these details. 
(I think I could send off for one which would cost me $30 - a little
expensive I think.) Do you know what these things mean/do?  Ie what are
DTR/DCD settings?  What does AT&C1&D2 mean and do?  Is there any document
on the net explaining basic modem commands and basically how a modem
works.  I really don't have a clear picture at the moment. 


Mark Phillips                                      mark@maths.flinders.edu.au
           "They told me I was gullible ... and I believed them!"

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