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Re: How to modify subject of incoming emails using procmail

<part of previous include snipped>

> > instead just send the mail from that list to its own folder like:
> > 
> > :0:
> > * ^TOdebian-user
> > $HOME/mail/debian
> > 
> I'd like to comment on this. If the debian-* list administrator(s) would edit
> the debian-*.config files and change the "subject_prefix" option to reflect
> the appropriate list, then all of the filtering would be easier on the members
> of the list. A subject line like 
>     Subject: I need HELP
> would become
>     Subject: DEBIAN-USER I need HELP
> I found out that the above formula for filtering does NOT catch all of
> debian-user messages. I have several non-related mail lists coming into my

I'm using the above style filter, maybe not as pretty, but I havn't had a list e-mail slip through.  If 
the message was addressed to me and the list, it goes into my normal mail box just as it should.  I'm
using the following:


Maybe it's working because the only debian list i'm currently subscribed to is debian-user

> system, and some of them use that option. This list, unfortunately, does not
> thus making it hard to correctly separate debian messages from the rest of the
> pack (who use "listserv").
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