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HELP!! Boot Disk Problems

I ATTEMPTED to install the Debian 1.2.4 off of a CheapBytes CD and 
the boot disks hung on the md driver and I could not go any further, 
I have a working Slackware, so I compiled a Ramdisk enabled kernel, 
stuck it on the disk and rebooted, that worked fine, but the kernel 
seemed to hang on running rc, but when I switched console I found on 
console 2, an active prompt, so I ran dselect and everything went ok. 
Is there any fix for this.

Also once I installed Abuse (video game) I couldn't get the mouse to 
work and it went quickly through the opening screens (the text didn't 
scroll it just faded the screen in and out again).  I tried turning 
the mouse off (unloading gpm).  But it just hung Abuse.

My Mouse is a Microsoft/MouseSystems flip-switch type and it works 
fine with gpm.

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