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Re: How do you guys read news offline?

On 15 Apr 1997, Andy Spiegl wrote:

> Hi!
> I thought about using suck to download the news articles I am
> interested in as soon as a PPP is up.  But how do I post my own
> articles back to the net?  I would really be grateful if someone
> could post his/her working setup.
> Thanks a lot in advance!
>  Andy.
> ____________________________________________________________________
>  Andy Spiegl, PhD Student, Technical University, Muenchen, Germany
>  E-Mail: spiegl@Appl-Math.TU-Muenchen.de
>  URL:    http://www.appl-math.tu-muenchen.de/~spiegl

Check out leafnode, works great here.  I use pine to actually read the
mail.  Leafnode handles d/l the groups I read.  Nice little program.

Richard Morin
               It was as small as the hope in a dead man's eyes.

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