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Re: Dpkg gone haywire?

> Setting up gimp-smotif (0.54.1-5) ...
> install-info: failed to lock dir for editing! No such file or directory
> dpkg: error processing gimp-smotif (--configure):
>  subprocess post-installation script returned error exit status 2
> dpkg: dependency problems prevent configuration of ax25-util:

> I am at wits end on this. I have tried everything I know to do includeing
> trying to reinstall dpkg but to no awail... my last and final thougt is
> that this is being caused by the /usr/info/ directory being locked for
> some reason and there for unaccessable by dpkg/install-info.
> Is there any way to "unlock" the directory or even to see if it realy is
> locked ... I have exausted every Idea that I know of and still I get this
> error. At this point I am tempted just to make a new filesystem and start
> over.

>From /usr/sbin/install-info:

  if (!$nowrite && !link("$infodir/dir","$infodir/dir.lock")) {
      die "$name: failed to lock dir for editing! $!\n".
  	  ($! =~ m/exists/i ? "try deleting $infodir/dir.lock ?\n" : '');

So, yes, probably something really wrong with /usr/info at that point.
Probably not to do with dpkg.

You might want to try to reinstall the package that provides
/usr/sbin/install-info, dpkg (don't remove that!). 

Others on the list may have a better understanding of prel to see what
excactly is going wrong.

joost witteveen     joostje@debian.org
I came, I saw, ..., well, it wasn't free so I left again. (LUA, 1988)

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