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Re: ISDN Support

On Sat, 19 Apr 1997, Kevin Traas wrote:

> up getting a Zyxel TA128U. It's an external and we're only using one
> 6.5KB/sec transfer rates (one B channel, not two). 

With one B channel, I've seen my Teles 16.3 card (EuroISDN) doing SyncPPP
with isdn4linux managing ftp transfer rates over 7.3 KB/sec consistently.

Channel bundling got me 14.3 KB/sec, and megabytes of kernel warnings
about "trying :) to fill MP_QUEUE 0... UNTESTED!!" or similar. (the 0
alternated with 1 so syslogd couldn't summarise with "last message
repeated 83838 times".)

	-- Niels.

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