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Re: Emacs keys differences between console and X

> > Activating meta in X is in the XF86Config file.
> Here is an extract from my /etc/X11/XF86config:
> # To set the LeftAlt to Meta, RightAlt key to ModeShift,
> # RightCtl key to Compose, and ScrollLock key to ModeLock:
>     LeftAlt     Meta         # this line was commented out before
> #    RightAlt    ModeShift
> #    RightCtl    Compose
> #    ScrollLock  ModeLock
> I deleted the `#` before "LeftAlt Meta" according to the hint of Rick
> but it didn't help. The answer to <Alt>-x is only `beep` end I have
> to type <ESC> x anyway.
> By the way: what do I have to read to learn more about the purpose
> of `ModeShift`, `Compose` and `ModeLock`?
> Thanks to Rick, but are there any mor hints
>    Andreas.

I'm pretty sure the problem is with your XkbModel setting.

I used to have the same problem you are experiencing. I've got an IBM
keyboard which I thought was a standard US PC101. So I didn't made 
any change to the default setting:

  # These are the default XKB settings for XFree86
  #    XkbRules    "xfree86"
  #    XkbModel    "pc101"
  #    XkbLayout   "us"
  #    XkbVariant  ""
  #    XkbOptions  ""

But later after carefully examining the keyboard layout using 
xkeycaps, it turned out to be a Dell 101 keyboard. I added the 
following lines into XF86Config:

       XkbModel    "dell101"
       XkbLayout   "us"

Everything since works like a charm. The difference between PC 101 
and Dell 101 is actually very very very subtle, and using the
default pc101 setting works 99.999% of the time. Most people won't 
notice the difference if they don't use emacs. But when it comes
to Alt-Meta stuff, the difference counts...

I suggest you run xkeycaps to find out what model your keyboard
exactly is. Every detail is important: key layout, order, lable, 
even the shape of keys...

You may also need to take a look at 


to decide what to put in your XF86Config.

Good luck.


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