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Re: Frontpage and Debian

>You can download them from the rtr.com site, and then you just need to
>add to the httpd.conf for Apache (or the equivalent on other httpds):

I found the old debian package and got it to work by downgrading.

># Make sure the FrontPage stuff finds its private lib versions
>SetEnv LD_LIBRARY_PATH /usr/local/frontpage/libs:/lib:/usr/lib

Okay, I'm a little unsure of this.  Where do I put this line?  In the
httpd.conf?  I've never heard of a setenv variable for apache??

>It does work, though the whole mess is a ghastly hack.

Hmmm.. yes.  Everything is getting a little out of hand ... this is
supposed to be easy!  :)

Thanks heaps for your help,


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