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Re: Dependency ordering

On 13 Apr 1997, Richard Sharman wrote:

>  > Manoj is outlining a specification that would be great for the above
>  > method. Standardized components could be tied into mc and similar
>  > interfaces easily. I would love to be able to hit the F3 (view) key in mc
>  > on a .deb file and get a nice summary of control info and status. Then hit

> Emacs has a nice feature that when you do a find-file on a (possibly
> gzipped) tar file you can look at the individual files.  I was
> thinking it would be nice to be able to do the same with a .deb
> file.   Maybe there exists such a thing already?

I wrote one last year, called "deb-view.el". I just sent a reminder to the
list this morning. In case you missed it, I'll send you another copy in a
private post after I hit "send" on this mail.


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