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Re: improving pine speed when using remote smtp server

On Tue, 1 Apr 1997, Douglas L Stewart wrote:

> What I'd _like_ to do is to set up smail on my laptop where it'll forward
> the mail to the mailhost.  This isn't really a problem, and there seems to
> be an option to do this when the smail package isn't configured.

I don't know if you can do it with SMAIL, but there is a mini-howto on how
to do this with SENDMAIL -- The title is something about "sendmail" and
"queueing".  I set it up once long ago and haven't touched it since (so
I've long since forgotten the name of the howto I used), but it walks you
through customizing the sendmail.cf file so the mail is queued and then
only delivered when sendmail "runs the queue".  I set up my system so that
sendmail does not run the queue when I'm not connected to the Internet.
When I connect to the Internet, sendmail is stopped and then started with
the necessary parameters to run the queue (-q10) every 10 minutes.


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