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Ethernet performance.

     I am quite new at the world of IP networks and have been doing 
some testing on a Debian 1.2 system and Free BSD.  Last night I ran a 
test as described in one of the ethernet FAQs by running FTP on a 
file that was ~2.5Meg the rate came out at 1.09M/sec.  From what I 
can tell this is quite good for 10 Base2 since this indicates a rate 
around 8Mbit/sec of data not including overhead.  With no tuning at 
all it is supprising to get proformance on this order or am I faking 
my self out?

  Debian running on a pentium 133 Mhz 32Meg RAM as server.
  FreeBSD running on 486SLC 25 MHz 8 Meg RAM.

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