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Re: epson stylus 800 or 600

On Thu, 3 Apr 1997, Richard Morin wrote:

> Hi listers,
> I would love to hear from someone who is using the Epson Stylus 600 or 800
> with their Debian box.

I have an Epson Stylus 800 connected to my PC running Debian Linux, and it
works. I use enscript and apsfilter for ordinary printing and they produce
a satsfactory output (though i had to redefine the a4 page format in
enscript configuration file). 

By the way i do not know anything of the Stylus 600. 
> Now knowing anything at the moment about hooking a printer to my box is a
> little intimidating

I agree, it's a little bit more complex than connecting it to a windows
box. As always: keep calm, read manuals and write down each step you make.

Paolo Nenzi - Roma - Italia 

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