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getting the screen to suspend/turn off: the sage continues

I wrote a week or so ago about getting the screen to suspend/turn off.
Many replies (correctly) said to use 'Option "power_saver"' in XF86Config.
Within 5 minutes, I had it working. The problem is, I haven't been
able to get it to work since! The one thing different from many that
posted is that with my system I have to use 'xset s noblank' to even
get the screensaver to kick in (otherwise only the cursor disappears).
Also, the screensaver won't work if 'xset s noexpose' is used.
Using SuspendTime and OffTime don't make a difference. There aren't
any other options to play with. Has anyone else had problems like this?

The system uses an ATI Mach64 CT if that matters.

- Sue

P.S. Just to head this one off, there have been no other screensavers active
since the last reboot.

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