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improving pine speed when using remote smtp server

I have a pretty unreliable internet connection to the SMTP server I have
pine configured to use (and to anywhere else on the internet, because I
use uu.net).  Anyway, ISP ranting aside, I get really frustrated when I'm
zooming through my mail and I send a quick reply but I have to wait 5
minutes while pine connects to the remote SMTP server and sends the

What I'd _like_ to do is to set up smail on my laptop where it'll forward
the mail to the mailhost.  This isn't really a problem, and there seems to
be an option to do this when the smail package isn't configured.

Where things get tricky is I'd like the ability to send the mail while I'm
not dialed up, and have smail deliver to the forwarding host whenever it
notices I'm connected.  I'd like it to be able to do this without sending
me bounced mail or warnings if I don't send it within a certain time frame
(say 24 hours).

Does anyone have an idea if this will work, or what I need to configure as
far as smail to get it to work?  I guess as a workaround I can have smail
configured to forward mail to my SMTP server, and only send mail when I'm
dialed up, and just postpone it within pine the rest of the time till I'm
dialed up.


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