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Re: help with named

tjobrien@Traveller.COM (Tim O'Brien) writes:

> I know I've seen this somewhere, but now I can't find it. Here's the problem:
> named is outputting what looks like logfile info to the console on one of my 
> Linux boxen. And I can't remember how to get rid of the stuff. 
> Anybody know how to fix it off hand? If it's any help, it started doing this
> after an unsuccessful attempt to get a news server running. 

I noticed this after removing INN from one box.  It looked like the
purge took some log files with it (nothing wrong with that), and
syslogd didn't like having entries for non-existent files.  Try
removing or commenting out the lines from /etc/syslog.conf referring
to the news log files.

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