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Re: Directory permissions.

On 13:28:43 Nathan E Norman wrote:
>Using the correct tools is important.  David gives you one such tool - I
>personally type the following command in the directory I wish to copy:
>"find . -print | cpio -p /target".  This is of course a simplification;
>find and cpio have a lot of powerful options, and people will argue the 
>merits of tar vs. cpio all day.  It works for me.  At any rate, mc is not
>up to the task.
For an even more precise duplicate of a directory hierarchy I've used

find . -depth | cpio -pdmv /target

This will create an exact duplicate and traverse any sub-dir's, preserving
symlinks, permissions, and dates of everything from the current directory
down thru the tree.  I've used this many times moving an entrie filesystem
such as /usr from one partition to another, etc.  Works slick.  It is also true
that the newer GNU tar offers the same functionality as well.  But, I've used
this so often, that I simply trust it implicitly.


>> > system structure standards.  I don't remember if it gave ownerships but
>> > it's worth a shot if someone knows what it's called and where I can find
>> > it.
>> No, it's far too short to cover ownerships, only locations. The 1.2 FSS
>> doesn't give it's own location(!), but only that of its FAQ which is
>> ftp://tsx-11.mit.edu/pub/linux/docs/linux-standards/fsstnd/FSSTND-FAQ
>I concur.  You're in for an install <grin> - I can smile cos I've bombed
>my machines a few times.
>> P.S. I don't see multiple copies of your postings here.
>Nor do I.
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TO UNSUBSCRIBE FROM THIS MAILING LIST: e-mail the word "unsubscribe" to
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Trouble?  e-mail to templin@bucknell.edu .

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