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> From: Leland Olds <olds@eskimo.com>
> > You don't have to buy Qt in order to run free Qt based software for
> > Windows, NT, etc. Anyone can distribute Qt based software for any
> > platform that Qt supports.  But someone would have to purchase a copy
> > of Qt in order to port or develop for Windows, NT, etc.  And the Qt
> > library sources can't be freely distributed with the software.
> Yes, thanks. If I'm not mistaken, this means you distribute in executable
> form on those other operating systems, and anyone who wanted to modify your
> program and recompile it on a system other than X would have to own a copy
> of Qt to do so. Cost over $1500 per platform. Right?
> 	Thanks
> 	Bruce

Close.  $1470 per developer.

Lee Olds

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