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Re: Detached PGP signatures in mail?

On Sun, 20 Apr 1997, Ron Murray wrote:

>    I don't know how the average Linux mailer handles these, but I use
> Windows 95 (no, don't bother flaming) in my main machine, with Eudora as my
> mailer. I'm getting a little tired of my attachment directory filling up
> with little PGP signatures which contain no indication of which message
> they belong to, even if I wanted to crank up PGP to check them, which I
> don't. (Note: this is NOT an attack on PGP: I use it myself. The issue is
> that I don't need any help to clutter up my hard drive -- I can manage that
> quite well on my own, thank you very much).

The important question here is "Why on earth are you using Eudora's
auto-receive feature?"  Aren't you just begging for a virus to be let
loose on your machine?  Don't automatically detach attachments, you'll do
just fine then.

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