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RE: Journalling: Upgrades, Kernel patching, ...


RE: debian-users@lists.debian.org

Is this a beta testers report???  If so is this the place to send these
reports to Debian?  I'm a bit confused here since most people subscribed to
this list have been using bo, or parts of it for some time now.

I've been on this list since around the first of the year and haven't seen
this kind of "Report" before.  Was this an accident or is this the list to
make such reports?  Honest question, not a flame.  Because it seems an
unlikely place to inform people of things we've been talking about in here
for months now.

If this be the place for reports of this nature let me know so I know where
to submit mine.

On 09-Apr-97 Karl M. Hegbloom wrote:
> I just upgraded BitterSweet to Debian pre1.3, over the modem.  It
>took all night at 33.6, to ftp the files I selected.  Everything I'd
>carefully chosen, a 1 hour job, with `dselect` transfered without a
>single glitch, from <URL:ftp://ftp.debian.org/debian>.  I selected
>files from bo, contrib, and non-free. (It said 'unstable', later... I
>thought I typed 'bo'...? Hm.)  There was only about 4 installation
>errors, I think... (They scroll away too fast, and there is no log
>kept, AFACT.)  Wow!  Pretty good, considering I got over a hundred new
>and upgraded packages!  Much easier than compilityouseff.


> The lp.c fix was easy because 2.0.30 added only one statement to the
>top of a function that had also been altered by the parport patch.
>CVS didn't know what to do, but when I looked, it was obvious how to
>make it look.  I'm sure of that one.
> I will try `kernel-package` when I'm done.
Have a good one.

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Date: 09-Apr-97                                                                                                Time: 22:59:31
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