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[no subject] Re: !!!!I am not ... System Lacks PPP ... !!!!I am not linux smart.!!!!Please Help "86open" conformance of debian "floating point error" with pine "last","w","who" not working ! "Networking" Windows 95 And Debain "unable to determine run-level" 'make config' 'math error' on irq 13? 'wmask' compiling error? (Off-topic)Jade and DocBook (Thanks)Re: cp -a *-* auto-upgrade from rex to hamm -dev's and upgrade to libc6 /etc/alternatives problems? /etc/profile and set -o vi /sbin/clock missing? 128Mg of RAN, how? 2 questions... 250 Megs=$49.95 per mo. with no SET-UP or TRANSFER FEES! ? ON AUTHORIZATION AND DIGEST Re: ? on Authorization and digest ?: Debian 1.3.1 and XFREE86 on Omnibook 4000C - Monitor settings ?:Linux on Omnibook 4000: CDROM does not work [Abou Anber <>] Error Fortran Message Re: [FAQ] mysql [FIXED] ZGV crash [ mail to vanishes] [ was wondering if you could help us] [fvwm2] Desktops, Pagers and Backgrounds etc. [hamm] dpkg-ftp problems from behind the firewall [HELP] Need name/copy of script which loads modules at startup [install] hdc irq timeout problem Re: [lesspipe] [Newbie) Thanks Re: [NOT-Solved] Networking died [off topic?] NBSD - Not-So-Bad Distribution [off topic] partially related news items?? [off topic] PPP over ISDN ??? [off-topic] CVS advice? [off-topic] JDK-1.1 applets [offtopic] Debian ISP in LA area? [offtopic] looking for some services in the USA [postgres] libpgperl: undefined symbol: PQconnectdb [Q] 56K US Robotics? [Q] dselect-mountable install does not find packages [Q] How to install everything libc6 [Q] Speed? Re: Parallel linux<->linux? [Q] ~/.xinitrc is not being read [Q]Getting Error 111 when starting X srv [Re: How to share files with Win95 or NT] [Solved] Networking died [xscreensaver] How to add custom hack... aalib-dev: I cannot compile the examples About incoming packages AccelX on Hamm Access Linux partition from W95? acct bug? adduser in hamm dumps core ! adduser_trouble Afterstep blues Again Re: Netscape releasing source code for 5.0 All Package install Allow only certain users to print? alpha vs p2 Re: Alternatives to NIS? Amaya + ENTER key Re: AMD 5x86 and reboot Announce: Simple End-User Linux (SEUL) Project anonymous wu-ftp another question about upgrading libc5 to libc6 Ans: Re: Debian max file size is 1GB instead of 2GB? Anybody ever set up /etc/printcap with an HP LaserJet II on a network? anyone using proftpd? Apache 1.2.x for bo? apache 1.3b3-9 ignores .htaccess Re: Apache-Bug - Fix?! Apfilter install hangs up computer APPEND applix 4.3 install question applixware 4.3 install on debian system ASUS Pentium II motherboard ATI 3D Rage II and XFree86 autoup script v0.16 Aztech Telephony (and type) Boards Backup system Backwards compatibility compiling Bad bad dselect bad disk spot, and more troubles starting xdm Re: barking dogs and i18n bash shell script questions Beginner Question Benchmark systems? bent lines in some applications in X Best Dual PPro Motherboard? Best way to save fvwm2 desktop BIND question A bit OA: eMail Accounts Bitchx windows Bo with Wine bo, hamm, stable, unstable boot-floppies package for hamm? Re: bootable Debian 1.3.1 CD browser with strong encryption? bug in new smail? Bug#15854 should be release-critical (was Re: buzz upgrade report) Burning a CD Bus error buzz upgrade report C++ Garbage Collector Can I install debian packages on RH 5.0? Can't ftp to Can't get past `make dep' can't install buzz! Can't install Debian Linux on a 586 with 166mmx tech! Cann't get on old system Card and Drivers for v.35 CD-ROM Installion Problems CD-RW drives CDROM mount locking up cdrom problem CFDISK help CGI script for telnet or shell access Changing Netscape Bookmarks file Re: Changing space reserved Changing video modes on fly? A cheap PCI Ethernet card that works? Cheap*Bytes CD Orginazation? CircleMUD Cirrus Logic video rivers for X11 Re: clean hamm install Clean hamm installat Clean hamm installation Cloning a Debian system Cnews would not configure on installation Colors command set Commands Compaq Deskpro 4000 compaq ls120 Compaq to Acquire Digital for $9.6 Billion compiling a kernel compiling gnome-0.11? Compiling with libc5 under libc6 based system Compression over null-modem connection (Was Re: Network config -- slip + null modem configuring ftpd for anonymous access configuring return address on outgoing mail configuring sound card configuring the network: netconfig? controller scsi 3130B data technologies Converting digests to indivual mail Copying CD-ROM's from Linux a count-down timer? cp -a Crazy Soundcard Creative ide cdrom Cron error messages Cron for NT Cross compiling with gcc. Target WindowsNT curses.h: No such file or directory The Custum CD in the Debian Book Cut to the chase. cyg-win32 problems re: Dailup script programs Database driver module problems date command strange output The last update was on 06:27 GMT Sun Jun 12. There are 2962 messages. Page 1 of 6.

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