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Re: Re[2]: configuring return address on outgoing mail

On Sun, 18 Jan 1998, Bob Bernstein wrote:
> robert havoc pennington <rhpennin@midway.uchicago.edu> wrote:
> > A local expert tells me that bounced mail doesn't go to the From: address
> > but to some other thing set by the MTA. I've tried sending mail to bad
> > addresses and I get nothing back. So something's wrong.
> Perhaps you need to set visible_name to pobox.com, assuming that's the dialup
> ISP you're using. My understanding, for what it's worth, is that smail will
> default to your machine's name in lieu of a visible_name value.

Hmm, pobox.com isn't the dialup, unfortunately. It's just an alias
service, not an ISP. 

> Check the archives of this list for this month and last month. There's been a
> tremendous amount of discussion of all this stuff.

Is there any way to search the archives? Given their size, going through
them by hand is a little tricky.

I've been reading this list for a while though and don't remember a
solution to this problem. Everything assumes either static IP address,
email address == domain, using Pine, or something else like that...

Thanks for the help though!

Havoc Pennington

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