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CD-ROM Installion Problems

Hi again all,

Sorry for all of these problems, but this has basically been the only
place to turn to!  Boy do I wish there were more Debian Linux
books---even half of the amount of Slackware or Redhat would be nice.
Couldn't find much from where I looked.  ;)

I installed Debian (twice now) to try to get my CD-ROM installed.  I
don't know much about the CD-ROM as it was installed about 3 years ago
and from moving around we've probably lost most of the documents about
it.  From just reading the front of it, it says:
"Quad Speed // Creative // MPC2 (Multimedia PC)"

Someone gave me the idea to try "mount -t iso9660 /dev/cdrom /mnt/cdrom"
which just *tried* to detect my CD-ROM again which takes anywhere form 5
- 15 minutes (never actually timed it).  The last line of the "search"
and on was:
sbpcd-0 [29]: No drive found.
mount: the kernel does not recognize /dev/cdrom as a block device
       (maybe 'insmod driver'?)

Anyone have any idea about how I could maybe install this?  All I have
been trying to do is connect to the 'Net, but that's been a long
proccess.  "pon" has been giving some problems, and someone suggested
using EZppp so I could see what was happening.  That meant I had to
install X, and I didn't do that right from downloading it from this
machine, moving it to the Debian machine, and unpackaged.  So I bought a
(actually, the only one I found) Debian Linux book which came with a
CD.  Went to run that--been working all night trying to get the drive to
work!  ;)

Again, I'd like to thank everyone that has helped me!  I do appreciate
all of this help, and hopefully one day I'll also be able to help you or
do something for you!!!

Carl Nasal

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