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[Q] How to install everything libc6

On December 19 I downloaded (to a CD) everything in Hamm/binary-i386
And created the floppy disks later on (from the same place).
When I installed the base installation it put binaries compiled
with libc5.  When I was prompted with DSELECT screen I select an option
to update the existing packages with the versions available on CD.
DSelect gave me a buch of errors (regarding libc6 that it conflicts with
I then went to a command prompt and did 'dpkg -i --force-conflicts
That worked but then when I went to DSELECT and tried to isntall other
packages --
I got a bunch of problems with libdb1, and so on.

Is there a simple way to make a fresh installation of Debian 
where everything (what is available) is libc6.

Thanks in advance,

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