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Re: A bit OA: eMail Accounts

dg@bingo.baynet.de writes:

> I know this is a bit of topic, but I'm a NRUF (Not-Real-Unix-Freak). I
> have a small problem and need a little help.
> My idea is, that I could have a sub-level domain which is held by a ISP
> and a big eMail account at this server. OK ... lets say our ISP is GMX (in
> Munich, Germany) and their domain is gmx.de. Is it technically possible to
> have a sub-level domain rudolph.gmx.de??? And is it possible (technically)
> that anyone can send an email to xyz@rudolph.gmx.de and this email it
> stored with all the other mails to anyone else at rudolph.gmx.de in one
> BIG account??? How can I access this account??? Can I use smail and
> fetchmail to do this???

You actually can have an arbitrary domain name, as long as you´ve got
an DNS MX record pointing to the right server. 
There´re various ways to solve the transfer problem (fetchmail,
uucico, smtp etc.). 

I recommend that you take a look at Bryan Costales "sendmail" Chapter 17
"DNS and sendmail" published by O`Reilly.



finger jens@unsolved.weh.rwth-aachen.de for pgp-key
(during normal european business time hours) 

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