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Re: [fuzzy@ns.asarian.org: was wondering if you could help us]

> -----Forwarded message from Fuzzy <fuzzy@ns.asarian.org>-----

> I think its defaulting to 1024x768 how do I 
> have it resize to 800x600, without losing the ability to switch to the 
> smaller size. 

In theory Ctrl-Alt-(numeric)+ will cycle you through the screen modes
defined in XF86Config. In practice, when for some reason they don't all
seem to work, I edit XF86Config, commenting out all except the mode I
want, usually 800x600.

> a xterm in center of the screen but its small and not scaleable. I'm
> quessing thats due to whatever xserver-s3v defaults to for a window
> manager. 

A mild case of apples and oranges here. <g> The s3v server really doesn't
know or care what window manager you're running. Off hand I'm not sure
what you've got running as a window manager, but it sounds a little like

> we'd like to try other window managers... what is available and
> (what directories if on the 'offical' CDs or non-free) where 
> if not. 

Try AfterStep. Stick to the version in the Debian distribution.  Try and
figure out how to defeat the Debian "menuing" util. (Why do they do those
sorts of things?) AfterStep 1.2 is not quite ready for prime time. For
some excitement, try Enlightenment, but (I think) you are constrained at
present to compiling that from source. It's really a blast though... 
> we'd like to set up netscape... we saw there is an installer package,
> presumably the actual tarball comes from ftp.netscape.com? what do I
> need along with that? 

I haven't tried the Debian installer. There's a simple method on the
BlackDown site for using gnumalloc that works fine for me with Navigator.
I'm avoiding Communicator for the moment.

Bob Bernstein                 <bernie@brainiac.com>
Esmond, R.I.       <http://www.brainiac.com/bernie>

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