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Burning a CD

As I mentioned previously...im a convert to debian linux.
My next step is to start using it at home.
I am no where at work...and looking for some info....
gettin gdebian isn't a problem here... we have T-1's and T-3s up the
In fact I installed on my 486 via FTP in a coupla hours.
anyway...I found out I have a CD burner at my disposal...all I have to
do is get a Writeable CD and burn away.
I am thinkin gof burning myself a CD or two (or 3 or 4...)
I definitly want one (or if its 2 CDs full) enough of the debian dist to

install th elatest version and alot of packages (tho as many source
packages as possible and all)
here is the problem: The burner is using
"Easy CD Pro" software. If you think that doesn't sound like linux
software...your right.
If you think it sounds like a Windblows95 program..right again.
anyway...I was advised to use 8.3 filename format cuz "Windows95 doesn't
like iso9660
rock ridge extensions"
does anyone know of this software?
is there any way I can make a useable CD to install directly from?
I would like to not sacrafice long filenames for 8.3 but if I HAVE too I
will that break anything? is there a way around it?
(obviously ill be grabbing the distribution off of FTP..all th elatest
any suggestions or comments before I start woul dbe apreciated
(hopefully I can get it burned by the end of today...or sometime next
(I also have a few other CDs id like to burn...and make up some personal

CD archives....but im holding off on those..like a CD containing ever
version of the kernel as far back as I can get it to as recent as I can
get it...with patches..including development kernels....I think it woul
dmake a nice one to keep..if for nothing else just to have a CD of them)


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