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Re: [Q] dselect-mountable install does not find packages

Kirk Hilliard <kirk@ghoti.com> writes:

> grin <grin@ExaBit.HU> writes:
> > The 'mountable' method of dselect is great -- you don't have to wait for
> > thousands of packages telling you "it's already installed".
> Agreed!  BZ to its author (Andy Mortimer, I think).
> > But while from the local disk mirror it worked flawlessly, I failed
> > to use it through NFS.
> I am using it succesfully via NFS against a mirror of Hamm.

I wrote it using an NFS mirror, so I hope it isn't anything fundamental ...

> > I have a partial mirror of hamm on the NFS, containing only the
> > directories you see below:
> > 
> > I set it up to use NFS mount in fstab, entered the dirs (hamm/binary-i386,
> > contrib/binary-i386, non-free/binary-i386 and non-us/hamm), and update
> > worked fine. After selecting I went on to [I]nstall, but it told me 
> OK, just curious here -- what did you enter non-us/hamm as -- your
> local arcive?  This is not related to your problems, but I was
> surprised that I was only asked for main, contrib, non-free, and local
> -- no mention of non-us.

File a bug. Wishlist, for preference. But you're right, this should be an
option. (I had a rather dodgy setup, so I always used Custom, and it just
never occurred to me, even though I'm a Brit ...)

> > "Warning: package XXXXXX, version X.Y-Z not available for installation.
> > Skipping."
> I don't know about this, but ...

It means that the package has a filename in the available file, but the file
can't be found. (Often the messages in /var/log/dpkg-mountable are more
useful; as a general rule, the messages on the screen give the effect, those
in the log give some hint as to the cause).

> > and some
> > 
> > "Error: package XXXXXX does not have a filename! Skipping."
> this sounds like bug#8054 against dpkg-mountable. [...]

I agree with this synopsis. ;)

> Andy, do you think that bug#8054 will be resolved prior to the release
> of hamm?  Do you need someone to help debugging?

Um ... yes. Well, that's not the whole story ... I wrote dpkg-mountable when I
was at Uni, and had a good fast NFS mirror of the distribution. Since I left,
I haven't really had any mirror available at all, and I've only installed a
few packages, all by hand. (Yes, I do have a CD-ROM drive, but it doesn't seem
to like my motherboard and I'm too lazy to sort it out).

So, I hardly ever use it, and I can't really test it. I guess what I really
need are some brave volunteers to take alpha- and beta-level code and give it
a whirl, so any victims^H^H^H^H^H^Hvolunteers are more than welcome to come

I guess I really /ought/ to fix it for Hamm ...



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