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Re: applix 4.3 install question

> Here's the catch... when I try to run applix I get an error saying that
> there aren't any languages installed. I assume there is some kind of
> postinstall script in the rpms that was lost in the conversion -
> anybody know what will fix this?

I did the exact same thing and it worked for me... below are the packages
I have installed and it seems to work okay for me (note I didn't make
symlinks because I had enough space though):

badger(larry)> dpkg -l | grep applix
ii  applix          4.3-2          A Complete X-Window-based Office Suite
ii  applix-clipart  4.3-2          Applixware Clip Art
ii  applix-dict-bri 4.3-2          British English dictionary and
ii  applix-english  4.3-2          Applixware Menus and Help in English
ii  applix-libs     4.3-2          libc.so.5.3.12 and c++ libs for systems


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