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/etc/alternatives problems?

Hi, all --

I have tried the elvis package from hamm, didn't like it that much and settled
on vim as my editor...Now, someplace between the install-deinstall-install of
these two packages my /etc/alternatives/vi, vi.1.gz, ex, ex.1.gz, input,
input.1.gz, editor, editor.1.gz, view and view.1.gz links were all pointing to
the /usr/bin/elvisnox and /usr/man/man1/elvis.1.gz. Sooo, when I started vi
from the xterm or rxvt cmd line, I got a useless window showing basic ae
editor (useless because I can't get any keys to work with ae under X). I have
manually relinked the vi, editor and ex lines to /usr/bin/vim and
/usr/man/man1/vim.1.gz, but am not sure what to do with the input and view
Is this a feature, bug or am I doing something wrong?


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