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Re: Beginner Question

elliston@echo.sound.net wrote:
  >I recently purchased Dale Scheetz's book "The Debian Linux User's Guide"
  >and installed Debian Linux 1.3 on my 486.  I have been unable to get 
  >XWindows working inspite of several days of effort.
  >i486 w/ 16 meg
  >Linux 1.3 booting using a dual boot system and loadlin
  >24speed ide CDROM
  >Diamond Speedstar Pro video card chip #s (CL-GD5426-80QC-B 21943-189AC)
  >	with 1 meg on board mem
  >Monitor: ARCHE model 214S SVGA
  >I can run XF86Config and everything seems to setup OK but when I run
  >xdm from the prompt the screen goes blank and no XTERM is displayed.
  >Every combination I have tried has resulted in the same results.
  >If I run XF86Config a second time using the existing config file I get an
  >error reading the XF86Config file. (Sorry I don't have the exact error
  >message since I am sending this from the WIN95 side of the system.  I 
  >don't have PPP working yet either.)
  >I suspect the problem is because I missed something but I don't know what
  >it could be.  I don't have the documentation on the monitor or the video car
Look at /var/log/xdm-errors for anything that xdm may have produced.

Try using startx when you are already logged on, to see what messages appear on the 
(non-X) console.  

Have you installed xbase? (Sorry - I hope that's a silly question.)
Which X server have you installed?

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