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Re: Alternatives to NIS?

John Goerzen wrote:
> At my location, we are dealing with a large Unix network composed of
> machines from multiple vendors -- Debian, RedHat, Sun, DEC, etc.  We are
> moving largely in the direction of Debian and some of the legacy systems
> will be dropped within a few years anyway (due to Y2K nonconformity).
> We have approximately 2500 users that can pick any of a few dozen machines
> to log in to.  Currently, we use NIS to propogate passwd information
> (login, password, UID, etc.)  I am aware that NIS is widely considered to
> be insecure.  I am wondering what alternatives Debian might support that
> would provide a more secure solution than NIS.

I recommend you investigate Kerberos - (I am non-US so I use
http://www.pdc.kth.se/kth-krb/ as a starting URL) Note that Kerberos does
not seem to be available as a Debian package yet. Many Unix distributions
(US versions) include Kerberos and it is written into the security related
internet standards such as GSSAPI.

	John Lines

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