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Re: Changing Netscape Bookmarks file


> > 	Does anybody know how to change the default bookmarks.html file
> > w/ Communicator 4.04? 
> In my installation (Netscape 4.03 done with the Debian installer), the
> file is located in /usr/lib/netscape - just edit the bookmarks.htm
> file you find there, and that should do it. 

	Thanks, but that isn't exactly what I needed. I should have
explained myself better.

	What I need is to tell netscape to get the user's bookmark file
from somewhere else than ~/.netscape/bookmarks.html

	What I'm trying to do is to have my bookmarks file in the
~/public_html directory.

	As Netscape rewrites the file completely every time you change a
bookmark, I can not have a simlink to the public_html directory. In the
other way around, I can't have a simlink to the .netscape directory
because then I get permission problems.


> Now if it were only
> so easy to set the default home page...

	Edit -> Preferences

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