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Re: "last","w","who" not working !

Thankyou!! I have asked 5 different times on different debian lists to get
that anwser. It works too (i did need to do the reboot BTW)

Thanks again!

--Eric (udjat)

On 6 Jan 1998, Miquel van Smoorenburg wrote:

» In article <199801062207.XAA00540@lathspell.westend.com>,
» Christian Hammers <ch@lathspell.westend.com> wrote:
» >Hi !
» >
» >Since updating to the hamm (libc6) version (and maybe also before) my 
» >"last", "w" and "who" do not work !!! 
» 1. You need to update ALL your packages to hamm
» 2. Reboot if you haven't done that already
» 3. You need to move the wtmp file and truncate the utmp file:
»    cd /var/log
»    mv wtmp wtmp.libc5
»    touch wtmp
»    cd /var/run
»    cp /dev/null utmp
» 4. You might want to reboot again to make sure
» This is because the "struct utmp" and thus the utmp and wtmp "databases"
» are different between libc5 and libc6

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