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Re: can't install buzz!

Hamish Moffatt wrote:
> Any ideas? I want to install buzz to test the auto-upgrade.
> Might have to use rex disks. All the hardware I have is an IDE
> hard drive, a floppy drive, an ISA IDE controller, a Trident 8900CL
> video card, and a 486DX2-66 overdrive chip, and 16mb RAM.
> It doesn't seem to be crashing because of some hardware fault,
> just a bad kernel probe.

That's a ways back.  I had that happen.  *If* I remember correctly it
had to do with using the dma channels to access the EIDE.  I believe I
got the error from not allowing the PCI BIOS to handle the interupts for
the EIDE.  It was either that or due to using LBA instead of normal. 
One of those.  I know I fixed it in the BIOS settings pertaining to the

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