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[fuzzy@ns.asarian.org: was wondering if you could help us]

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we still can't directly post to debian-users, altho we do get posts 
correctly, (puzzled look). 

we so far have gotten xdm/xwindows running, but the type size is too
small to be readable. I think its defaulting to 1024x768 how do I 
have it resize to 800x600, without losing the ability to switch to the 
smaller size. what we see after logging in on the xdm login screen is
a title bar in the upper left corner and what looks like a tic-tac-toe
board in the center of the screen. clicking on the title bar produces 
a xterm in center of the screen but its small and not scaleable. I'm
quessing thats due to whatever xserver-s3v defaults to for a window
manager. so far we don't have a problem with sharing the serial mouse 
between GPM and X. 

we'd like to try other window managers... what is available and
(what directories if on the 'offical' CDs or non-free) where 
if not. 

we'd like to set up netscape... we saw there is an installer package,
presumably the actual tarball comes from ftp.netscape.com? what do I
need along with that? during the installation of the basic system 
I told the the install script to load the module for java binaries.
what other packages do I need besides the installer package for
netscape and the actual netscape tarball?

				a slightly less confused,

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