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Re: compiling gnome-0.11?

tav@iki.fi (Tapio Väättänen) writes:

> I was having exactly same problems as Brian. So I did
> ./configure --with-gnu-gettext as Brian suggested.
> After that I edited gtk-xmhtml/Makefile changing
> line XPM_LIBS = to XPM_LIBS = -L/usr/X11R6/lib -lXpm.
> That wasn't enough though. I had to copy directory
> intl to programs directory. This could also
> be corrected by editing Makefile I think,
> but I was too lazy and tired.
> Still not enough. Now it complains about
> missing dlfcn.h and I have no idea which
> packet it is related to. Didn't much help
> to remove #include <dlfcn.h> because
> it is needed.

dlfcn.h seems to be part of the package libc6-dev_2.0.6-2.deb.
So I think I should upgrade totally to libc6 and try again
with better luck.


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