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    Hello.  I'm not actually subscribed to the list, so if you can help me,
please reply to me directly at photze@batelco.com.bh .  That out of the way,
I need some help with CFDISK.  What I did was I installed made two
partitions on a 2.1 GB drive, each the same size, 1.05GB.  They both use the
filesystem DOS (FAT) 16.  One of them is for Windows 95, which I've got
installed, the other is for Debian, but it uses the DOS filesystem.  What
can I do to change it to whatever Debian uses?  Also, if I create another
partition, will all my data be lost?

Tim D. Hotze
(PS-I know that someone's got an answer.  Please reply to me at
photze@batelco.com.bh) Thanks again!

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