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Re: [Q] ~/.xinitrc is not being read

Hamish Moffatt wrote:
> On Wed, Jan 14, 1998 at 03:05:04PM -0500, Vladislav Papayan x285 wrote:
> > I use now xdm to login into the system -- however
> > it seems like my ~/.xinitrc is being ignored.
> .xinitrc is used for startx, and .xsession is used for xdm logins.
> I symlink them together here for convenience.

Actually, the symlink isn't necessary; just the .xsession .  With a
startx, and system xinitrc and Xsession files, startx will (eventually) 
call your .xsession (assuming it exists, .xinitrc does not, and
has allow-user-xsession set).

I discovered this when I was having problems with startx not loading any

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