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Re: [Q] 56K US Robotics?

The answer to this is not as simple as it seems. First of all, I have
observed that in both Win95 and NT, the "connect speed" reported can be,
interchangeably, the DTE speed and the V.34 speed. What's the max DTE speed
you've got your modem set for? I bet it's 56K, right? Now, since with
wonderful M$ software there's no way to know where it's getting that data
from unless you pay up $$$ for contract support, we can only conjecture at
how it arrives at connect speed. As far as xisp goes, I don't use it and
haven't looked at the source but since you say it's reported 31.2 and 31.2
is an actual V.34 speed (V.34 adjusts speed for line quality, but over a
fixed set of speeds, not continuously) I'm guessing that it's getting it
from the "CONNECT xxxx XXXX" message which the modem issues when it
establishes a connection to the peer. The thing is, you can modify what
will be reported upon connect by configuring the modem with AT commands.
Who knows what Win95/NT gives to the modem to configure it. Based upon the
above observations though, I would tend to believe that you are in fact
connecting at 31.2.

Disappointed? You're not alone. Did you read all those articles about this
technology? Check out http://x2.usr.com/technology/overview.html and your
ISP for more details.

Vladislav Papayan x285 wrote:

> Hello,
> Would anyone know how to verify that I am connecting to
> Internet at 56K.  I run Debian hamm + 2.1.78 kernel.
> I use X-ISP package to connect (it displays 31.200 connected speed).
> I know that when I use the same modem connecting to the same ISP
> only running WinNT -- it connects at 56K.
> I made sure that setserial is used with "speed_vhi" options when
> setting up my serial ports. My pppd is 2.3 patch level two.
> What else do I need to do to get it going at 56K.   And may be I am
> connecting at 56K -- but how do I verify it for sure (my modem
> is US Robatics external).

Jens B. Jorgensen

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