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Re: /sbin/clock missing?

Anthony Fok <foka@gpu.srv.ualberta.ca> writes:
> On 1 Jan 1998, William R Ward wrote:
> > Until I upgraded to hamm, I could use /sbin/clock to set and view the
> > CMOS clock.  That program is gone now!  Did something else replace it?
> Yes!  :-)  /sbin/hwclock is the new program that replaces the obsolete
> /sbin/clock.  The syntax is different too, so make sure you read the
> manpage.  :)

Thanks!  Actually the manpage says it has the same options for
backwards compatibility; just the same, I used the new -- options.  I
run a cron job that grabs the date from my net gateway nightly and
then stores that in the hardware clock.


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