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Re: [off topic] PPP over ISDN ???

"Richard G. Roberto" <robertor@typhoon.co.jp> writes:

> Serial connection established
> Using interface ppp0
> Connect: ppp0 <--> /dev/ttyS1
> Serial line is looped back
> Connection terminated

You should add "debug" to your pppd options and check /var/log/ppp.log for
detailed log.

> In addition, I have ISDN working to my ISP with no problem,
> but I have no idea what gear is used onthe other end.  I
> tried using the same script that works with my ISP to
> connect to work, but it didn't fly.  In all cases, I'm using
> PAP authentication.  
> software (perhaps the dial string?), I'm wondering if I can
> force the asynch-synch stuff somehow.  My "connect" line
> reads like this:

I don't know your equipment, but you on the TAs I know you can issue a
commend prior to dialing to make it use the HDLC transparent mode (or sync
PPP to async HDLC or whatever you call it). On a Elsa TA it is ATb16\n10
for example. Check your TA's instructions about HDLC mode.


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