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Re: a count-down timer?

Douglas Bates wrote:
> This may be a leading candidate in the "dumbest question ever asked on
> debian-user" contest but does anyone know of a program in some package
> that provides a count-down timer?  That is, I want to set a time of 5
> minutes and start the timer then have it pop up a window or ring the
> bell or do something to alert me when the five minutes is up.  There
> are many programs such as rclock that can alert me at a specific time
> on a specific day but I want to be able to say "five minutes from now"
> without a lot of hassle.
> Emacs-based solutions are welcome as are more elegant versions of
>  sleep 5m; echo "^G"

at now + 5m

should do  what you want, or the program 'remind'


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