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Re: Announce: Simple End-User Linux (SEUL) Project

On Tue, 13 Jan 1998, Matthew Majka wrote:

> I definitely have to agree with these statements.  I think
> the last thing a new Linux user needs, is another Linux
> distribution to choose from.  I know I was a bit
> dissappointed with the fragmentation when I started with it
> (about 3 months ago).  Please take Debian and improve the
> installation utilities (I'm a big fan of SGI's 'swmgr'. 
> Anyone want to write a clone for dpkg?).  Maybe move the
> documentation into a web-based format (HTML) to make the
> current information easier to navigate.  Maybe web-based
> admin tools?

Why not do like what Redhat does - X install, but still keep as an option
the standard text install - if you want an X install then download another
few floppies with a small X server and client - it could be made quite
I know the Redhat does the configuration in a non-standard way, why not do
it properly?

Note this topic should really be on the seul groups, where the developers


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