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Can't install Debian Linux on a 586 with 166mmx tech!

When i get to the place where it says to install base files i choose to
install from a floppy.  It asks for disk#1 and when i do it comes up
with the message of it dosen't look like disk#1 and i tryed it again and
it still comes up with the same message!  Could you help me with the
installation of Debian Linux. I have all of the files nessary files to
install Debian Linux.  I have 32 mega byites of ram do I need the base
floppies?  The base Images from the ftp site do not look like the ones
on the web page about installing Debian inux.  On that web page  it hase
the base14-1.bin and so on, and on the ftp site it has base-1.bin. What
do I to put the base image on the 1.44 floppy disks. The way it is on
the ftp site, when i use rawrite to put the base images on to the floppy
it rites the source code one the floppy. the base-2.bin it makes the
floppy unuseable.  Please tell me How to do it right so I can install
Debian Linux Operating system on my machine.  I want to be able to use
Debian Linux. 

                       From a frustrated

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