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[hamm] dpkg-ftp problems from behind the firewall


I'm trying to upgrade my hamm installation through dselect's FTP method
of retrieving packages.  Here are some comments.

* Why does dpkg-ftp insist on downloading all of the packages that are
selected?  In other words, why doesn't it download only those packages
(among the ones selected for installation) that are not already

* I am able to successfully upgrade the list of available packages by
choosing pasv FTP transfer.  But when I try to install the packages,
dselect/dpkg says that it is trying to download each of the packages. 
The download fails with a 'No such file or directory' for each of the
packages.  What is the path I should be giving dpkg-ftp?  I tried
/debian/unstable, /debian/hamm and a few others.  Is there are problem
with symbolic links?

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