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Bad bad dselect

Howdy all......:-)

Have tried unsuccessfully to obtain ncftp via ftp dselect at the main debian
and some mirror sites.

Here's a session log output:

Connecting to ftp.debian.org
Login as anonymous
Setting transfer mode to binary
Cd to /debian/non-free/binary
Checking ncftp/binary-i386
Warning: Couldn't find a Packages file in ncftp/binary-i386
This may not be a problem if the directory is a symbolic link
Closing ftp connection

Everything works fine up to the end of "Cd to /debian/non-free/binary" which
is the directory where the ncftp package resides (which I checked for with
an ordinary commandline ftp session).

After the directory change though, dselect tries searching the directory
"/ncftp/binary-i386"! It seems to be using the requested package name as
part of a directory with the "binary-i386"tagged onto it. <shrug>

Bug or is this first time ftp dselect newbie to linux messing up somewheres
along the line?  Thanks......:-)

PS.......what are they refering to in the log file output by the statement:
"This may not be a problem if the directory is a symbolic link"....??

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