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"Networking" Windows 95 And Debain

Hi everyone,

I have a 166 Pentium Monorail (a stupid computer with the screen and CPU
all in one--yeah, I know, I'm an idiot) running Windows 95 and a 486
Tandy running Debian--just installed.  I only have one phone line that I
can use for my 'Net connection and I would like to be able to hook the
computer together via a dull modem cable/serial cable (my idea) so that
one could use the other's 'Net connection.  (I would buy a card to hook
up a small network, but my stupid Monorail has no expansion slots.)

I'd like to have the connection to the Internet be from my Windows 95
machine--mainly because I'm still having problems connecting to the
Internet from my Debian machine, but that should be fixed soon...with a
few books read.

Oh, BTW, the computers are basically side by side.  I'll say within 2
feet apart so a simple wire can fit between them.

Again, thanks for all of your help!!!

Carl Nasal

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