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Re: Changing space reserved

Tim Thomson <tim.thomson@usa.net> writes:

> Doing this reminded me of a problem I had trying to defrag the drive. I
> unmounted it and booted off a floppy, typed edefrag and :
> stalin# edefrag -d -r /dev/hda1
> edefrag 0.61
> DEBUG: read_tables()
> edefrag: bad magic number in super-block
> What's going on? I tried the same on an unmounted floppy disk and it said
> the same thing. I downloaded another copy thinking it had got corrupted,
> but it did the same thing.
> Any ideas?

I hate to say it, but rt*m - in this case, the man page.  Then know
that the extended filesystem is (and has been for a while) obsolete
and that you are almost certainly using an extended 2 filesystem (the
"2" is very important!)  In fact, if you could use tune2fs, then you
certainly are.  edefrag is for extended filesystems - e2defrag is for
extended 2 filesystems.

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