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Adopting: maintainer change in debian/changelog Re: Bug#573745: No response from official maintainer Re: Bug#594040: RFS: aspell-kk Re: Bug#602358: ITP: rtl8192ce-dkms -- Realtek RTL8192CE driver in DKMS format. Bug#602409: logrotate test needs to remove logrotate package and its depends too Bug merge fail owner mismatch Re: Fwd: Build-Depends-Indep dependencies Build-Depends-Indep, please review ClipIt -- Clipboard manager Comparison of packages in package descriptions (Re: esekeyd and triggerhappy) Debconf in non-interactive mode debconf with locally derived options Debexpo is online: testing period information Dshield webhoneypot English localisation help for Debian package maintainers (was: RFS: dalle) esekeyd and triggerhappy (Re: RFS: triggerhappy) (future unblock) RFS: mobile-broadband-provider-info (updated package) The handling of piupart failures. Hello, and, (RFS) packaged!: rocaml (#451795) How about some Money? Re: How to add dependencies that exist in another repository How to use --as-needed ITS: zsnes 1.510-3 (updated package - ITA) Java library license problem kredit tanpa agunan scb solusi keuangan anda LibreOffice project: request for contributors and mentoring localization & documentation files locations Re: [Mingw-w64] RFC: MinGW-w64 toolchain (adoption and new packages) Re: (not)ITS: zsnes 1.510-3 (updated package - ITA) On the pruning of Build-Depends Re: Open RFS lacking (further) response Re: Open RFS lacking (further) responsei package transition question piuparts and bug #594964 Re: [Pkg-mozext-maintainers] RF[CS]: ubiquity (mozilla extension) in Debian Re: [Pkg-php-pear] RFS: php-net-smtp (updated package) Problem requesting a sponsor on Problem testing with piuparts Python-Support private/public modules Removing duplicated library code (was: RFS: hotot) Request for voluntary package reviews Reviews by non-DDs and acknowledgements RFC: MinGW-w64 toolchain (adoption and new packages) Re: RFS: 9menu (updated package) RFS: 9menu (updated package, Second try) RFS: advene RFS: alsaequal RFS: amavisd-milter (updated package) RFS: aqemu (update) RFS: aspell-id RFS: aspell-kk RFS: bluecove, bluecove-gpl RFS: ccbuild (updated package) RFS: cl-asdf & common-lisp-controller (updated packages) RFS: clipit RFS: dalle RFS: dbxml RFS: Doomsday Engine (or deng for short) RFS: failmalloc RFS: fdclone (updated package) RFS: fldiff (ITA package) Re: RFS: fritzing RFS: gallery-uploader 2.3-1 RFS: git RFS: git fixes for squeeze RFS: gts (updated package) RFS: gts (updated package) - 2nd try RFS: hotot RFS: i2p RFS: icoutils (updated package) RFS: ifupdown-scripts-wa RFS: klatexformula RFS: kstars-data-extra-tycho2 (third try) RFS: libclanlib2.2 RFS: libgis - virtual globe library RFS: libmatheval (updated package) RFS: libqtexengine1 (dependency for new versions of qtiplot) RFS: libvdpau (updated package) Re: RFS: lightspeed (updated package) Re: RFS: mediadownloader Re: RFS: minidlna RFS: mosquitto RFS: mupen64plus-*-* (updated package) Re: RFS: ovito RFS: pdkindle RFS: php-log (updated package) RFS: php-net-smtp (updated package) RFS: polygraph RFS: pycam RFS: pyragua (updated package, 2nd try) RFS: python-ordereddict RFS: python-pygene RFS: qmagneto RFS: ramond Re: RFS: ramond (updated) Re: RFS: ramond (updated, take 3) RFS: (RC bugfix, NMU) mindi RFS: remotepad-server RFS: robocut Re: RFS: sciteproj RFS: sima (autoqueue MPD client, find similar artists to queue) RFS: stx-btree (updated package) RFS: tartarus RFS: taskcoach - useful task manager - new - python app RFS: tenshi (updated) RFS: tictactoe RFS: tla (updated package) RFS: triggerhappy The last update was on 17:02 GMT Sun Aug 16. There are 591 messages. Page 1 of 2.

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